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I have had so many calls lately about what I did when I started my photography business,

or various other aspects of photography. This has led me to pursue offering mentorships

to those inquiring minds. Whether you simply need to learn how to use your camera,

you finally want to get the camera dial off of the "little green square", or are interested

in learning some more advanced lighting techniques...this may be for you.


During our two-hour shoot (with a super fun and willing model) we can talk about things

such as camera equipment, workflow, post-processing, marketing, online resources,

handling and posing of clients, etc. You choose from one of many locations I have

access to in the East TN region.


I fortunately had the encouragement and training from my aunt,

an established professional photographer, for the first part of my business venture

- not sure what I would have done without her. Learning that I am smarter than my

camera - really smarter than my camera - changed my world.

I do not claim to be a “perfect” photographer, I just know what works for me

and I would love to share and enjoy that with you.

My goal on a shoot is to capture an image that I desire, and change it very little

in post-production.


I definitely would suggest, to get the most out of the mentorship, that you have a DSLR

(one that you can take the lens off and on) camera. Most of the techniques I cover

will need to utilize the more powerful features of a DSLR.

I am a Canon freak, but could teach on a Nikon if my arm was twisted just a bit...joking...

I did shoot Nikon for five years before I "saw the light". Bring your gear and come on!


Contact me about a mentorship today. Grab a few friends, and I'll call it a group rate.

2-hour session (for one person) - $200

2-hour session (up to three friends, I'll put them to work!) - $300